DCC Replace Gym Flooring S117, CFB Petawawa

CFB Petawawa

  • Closing Date: February 09, 2023, 02:00PM
  • Architect: DCC
  • How to Close: please email to estimating@frecon.ca
  • Addendums: 2

Project Description

The intent of this project is to remove existing wood flooring (including sleepers and insulation) and prepare area for new resilient flooring. The work will include, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:

.1 Removal of the baseboard including all glue adhesive and made ready for new construction.
.2 Removal and re-install pole holder cover plates(8 total).
.3 Removal and re-install climbing wall anchor cover plates(9 total).
.4 New lines for basketball, volleyball and badminton courts as per contract drawings.
.5 Protect building and contents from damage caused by this work, weather, pests, and intrusion, All damage shall be the responsibility of the contractor to repair or replace.
.6 Protect all equipment and accessories to remain or to be reused against damage. Reinstall as indicated.
.7 New flooring to match existing floor heights.
.8 New centre logo as per contract drawings and provided by client.
.9 Removal of old transition strips and re-installed with new ones as per contract drawings.

Please forward any questions to estimating@frecon.ca


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