Project Name & Location Closing Date Addenda
HM – Isolation Room Upgrades

Scope of Work: This project is divided into multiple phases. Phase 1 involves the installation of new mechanical equipment on the rooftop, and associated work within the mechanical room. Phase 2 / 3 involves the renovation of isolation rooms 4A447 and 4A406 respectively. This work involves the the demolition and renovation of exiting finishes. Working […]

2024-03-05 14:00:00.0


BCC – Elisabeth Bruyere JWing Cooling Tower

Scope of Work: This project involves a renovation of the heating and cooling system across all 6 floors. A new cooling tower will be installed and tie into the existing cooling/heating pipes that run laterally throughout each floors. The current supply piping will be remove and/or capped where indicated. There will be extensive renovations to […]

2024-03-12 14:00:00.0


Project Name & Location Closing Date Addenda
ALCDSB – St. Paul Catholic School – Renovations

Scope of Work: This project involves a complete interior renovation of 2 washrooms and and office space. All rooms mentioned will be combined into a large washroom space. There will be mechanical, structural, and electrical work to accommodate. Location: 266 McMahon Ave, Kingston, ON K7M 3H2 Start Date / Substantial Completion Date: Start Date: July […]

2024-03-19 13:30:00.0


Project Name & Location Closing Date Addenda
DCC Petawawa – Upgrade Windows L101

Scope of Work: This project includes the installation of new aluminum windows and new blinds. There will be interior / exterior demolition to accommodate. Location: 101 Menin Rd, Petawawa, ON K8H 2X3  

2024-03-12 14:00:00.0


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